As you can see, I like a bit of cycling.


040815_bikenavi_30   Hitachipodium

For starters:

I spent the first 26 years of my life in Oz, before getting the travel bug.
After 6 months traveling around the U.S and Europe and going back to my old job for a year I ended up in Japan in 1991. I spent almost a year working at Tokyo Disneyland pretending to learn Japanese where I met my ex-wife to be.

We went to live in Australia for about 2 years and that is where my first son was born.  This was all before internet and emails so telephone bills were big. Figuring out that it would be cheaper to move back to Japan rather than pay the phone bills, we came back in Nov 1993. Been here the whole time since except for the odd trip home.

What do I do in Japan?

Work too much! Looking forward to a few holidays.

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