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ACL Double Bundle Reconstruction In Japan

23歳のとき前十字靭帯を断裂しました。 普通に歩けますが、思いっきり走ったりはできません。 前十字靭帯断裂は、一昔前は選手生命を危ぶまれる といわれた大きなケガでした。 2013、1月7日に前十字靭帯再手術します。ハムストリングの腱から新しい前十字靭帯をつくります。 3週間松葉杖。 3月間 エクステンションストップニースタビライザー (サポーター/膝用/ひざ用) 6月間 リハビリテーション 12月間 スポーツ禁止 でも先生が自転車だけガンガン走ってください。 自転車OK!!!! January 7th. Tore my left calf muscle in October and ended up at the hospital to have it looked at. Liked the doc so much I asked him…
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Fat Bacteria!

12:18AM Thursday Sep 06, 2012 1,626 Could obesity be a gut reaction? Date September 6, 2012 23 reading nowRead later A poor diet and a lack of exercise may not be the only reasons why some people are more likely…
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One year away till my 50th birthday and I’d like to start the next half century in better shape than I am right now. That gives me 12 months. Since 2009 I haven’t raced. Since Dec 2010 I’ve been working…
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Found a few poems I wrote when I was about 15 or 16. Thought I’d better put them down here for keep sake. The beach one, won a national poetry competition in 1979. I won a massive $40.00 There was…
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Noda Triangle

A rare Monday off with beautiful sunny mid rainy season weather called for a quick slow spin around the island. Edo river, Tone canal, Tone river and back down the Edo river home. 57.71km Spotted an old grey tanuki that…
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Weekly Round Up.

Monday commute to work: 23.91km Monday commute to home: 28.99km Wednesday Pool day: 40 laps and 16 running. Thursday commute to work and Subway sandwich: 51.14km Saturday Commute to work: 92.39km + 1km A positive week. Wish they could all…
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