GRO Ireland Certificates

Early Christmas the other day. With information retrieved from Glasnevin Cemetery I was able to order the following vital records. Photocopies of originals for only 4 Euro each.


Deaths: By finding an online record of Rose McEntyre (Egan)’s death, Thomas’ first wife I was able to find all the records below. Only took 20 years to get there.
Rose McEntyre died at the age of 41 on 3rd April 1865, leaving Thomas and three young children. Mary, James & Henrietta.
Inflammation of the lungs.


Thomas’ mother Elizabeth. She had a good innings and died at the age of 82 on the 12th of June 1866.
Thomas was present and the adress is 40 Phillipsburgh Avenue which was probably a hospice of some kind. There are new homes there now. 18 Wood Street is still listed as her residence. Chronic something? Still trying to decipher that. As James McEntyre (Liz’s husband) had died earlier (1856) there was no record at GRO. Husband James had at least 4 small homes he rented out to lodgers. (Tenements). Therefore he was labeled ‘Gentleman’ as his occupation. I found this note on this term; The term “Gentleman” usually refers to a landed proprietor. ” In other words someone who doesn’t need to pursue an occupation for a living & whose income is generated by his property through rents etc.  Jane Austen’s novels are full of characters like this.  One also sees the term being applied to doctors, solicitors, etc ”



Thomas’ 2nd wife Honoria Dowling (Corcoran) died on 19th September 1880 47 years old. Again trying to decipher the cause. 4 months. Address is 10 Fairview Strand Clairview.


Thomas McEntyre. 1893, 3 wives later died at the age of 69 on 10th August 1893, although he knocked off 4 years on his age on the cert. I guess he didn’t want people to know he was 27 years older than wife Jane!
Liver problems here. 48 Leinster Street being the same street (#20) he lived when married to Rose with the kids. This time in a hospice. Jane died a short time later 12th Mar 1894 in the same hospice. There is no record of her death though at GRO. Possibly under an alias? Jane Heaney Grant. Both of Thomas’ 2nd and 3rd wives had been widows when he married them.


Weddings: As most of the weddings were pre 1864 there are no records for Catholics at GRO. Have to rely on church records for them, of which I have some. Will link in.

Thomas & Honoria

Shortly after Rose died (3rd April 1865) Thomas not one to muck around married Honoria Dowling (Corcoran) less than 2 months later on 20th May 1865. At least the kids had a mum again.



Thomas & Jane Heaney (Grant)

Thomas waited a bit for his 3rd marriage. Daughter Mary had already gone to Australia in 1878 and died. Son James was on his own in Australia. Henrietta was probably still living with Thomas at this time.



Henrietta finally married.. Patrick Tallon. They both went off to the U.S and had a child Bertha. More to come on this as I’ve just pieced this part of the puzzle together after much deleting and then re-connecting.
This document proved it all…now I’m trying to connect with our long lost unknown cousins in the U.S.



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