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Recently I’ve found mountains of information from the following for my Irish ancestors.

These links have been great for finding my Irish ancestors. (not in any particular order)

The irony of my searching is that Thomas McEntyre worked at the Griffith’s Valuation Office.
I have a fair idea of where his ancestors came from in probably Offaly by these records. Still need more pieces of the puzzle.
I put off paying for a membership for years here but decided to try and I found more than I had ever found before.
Most of the data had only been put online here in the last 2 years by the looks of it. So glad I waited a long time before paying.
I also found some distant cousins who are also researching some of the same names, so it’s easy to copy their research as well.
This site led me to distant cousins in the U.S that we’d known existed but not where or who. I contacted one of them on FB. Too bad they aren’t interested in any of it.

In here I found the most vital bits of information. Weddings, births, and deaths. Amazingly one death led to all the other information. Lots of addresses and finally a further generation back in my McEntyre line with the discovery of James McEntyre listed on a wedding record as the father of Thomas b1824. I’d almost given up looking for him. Now I have a good chance of connecting the dots to his father and I think I’ve found him as well.

I signed up for 2 one month subscriptions and found some new addresses and records of purchases of 3 homes by Thomas McEntyre who then had them sold via government auction. Must have been in deep debt. There were lots of other records in there that I’ve downloaded and need to find proof they are our family. Some police arrest records which are funny to read, but no proof they are mine.

I found some cousins in here researching as well and may pay for a membership here when I’ve exhausted and cancelled my searches.

Found 9 bodies in the records here just by knowing the death of one great great grandmother Rose McEntyre. In her grave were brothers, father, in-laws.
Then by chance I found her husband’s grave Thomas which had 4 more including his 2nd and 3rd wife. They even went out and took some photos of the gravesites for me.

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