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Rootsweb McIntyre Mailing List Gedmatch Kit T761183 Genesis Kit: SU7604148 FTDNA Kit N132764 YFull Ytree Ancestry My Heritage National Geno Project Summary Haplogroups: The ytree  The route to me. R1b R-M269 R-L23 R-L51 R-L151 R-P312 R-S461 R-L21 R-DF13 R-DF49 R-DF23 R-Z2961 R-M222…
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Helpful Genealogy Sites

Recently I’ve found mountains of information from the following for my Irish ancestors. These links have been great for finding my Irish ancestors. (not in any particular order) http://www.askaboutireland.ie/griffith-valuation/ The irony of my searching is that Thomas McEntyre worked at…
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