General Survey and Valuation of Ireland

Many years ago I sent a letter off to the Valuation Office in Dublin to see if they had a record of employment for my great great grandfather Thomas McEntyre.

Surprisingly, they did. They posted me back 3 photocopied pages dated 1st July 1872 showing the names of the officers employed, age, their starting date of employment, number of years and months in employ plus their annual salary.

Will compile a table of the information and pop it in here soon.

My Thomas was listed on page two as a Third Class Officer 6th in rank out of 40. 48 years of age, employed from Apr 12, 1850 and 22 years by then in that office. His yearly salary was 180 pounds which was about half that of a 1st Class Officer yet more than 3 times the salary of the Porter!

(Establishment List, Compiled 1st July, 1872)
Classification of the Officers comprising the Department of General Survey and Valuation of Ireland, ordered by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty’s Treasury, to take effect from the 1st of April 1865.

John Ball Greene, Commissioner of Valuation

Name age, date of appointment, length of service at 1st April 1872, Salary at same date..

Patrick Conroy
Accountant and Cashier  56, Nov 19 1835, 36 years 5 months, £360

R. Frederick Shaw
Chief Clerk, 48, July 2, 1850, 21 years 9 months, £365

George Bolton
Solicitor 53, July 1st 1850, 21 years 9 months, £300

First Class Officers (comprising 13 Officers)

1: Henry M Duffy, 52, Nov 29 1837, 34 years 4 months £365
2: Thomas Hampton, 50, Oct 29, 1839 32 years 6 months £365
3: Robert McMicken, 62, Aug, 1, 1834 30 years 8 months £365
4: George L. McCormack, 47, Aug. 5 1839, 30 years 6 months, £365
5: William Scott, 45, Nov 25, 1848, 23 years 5 months £365
6: Terence Allt, 57, March 8, 1849, 23 years 1 month, £365
7: George A. Craig, 46 years March 1, 1853, 19 years 1 month £365
8: Robert Bell, sen 54, July 7, 1855, 16 years 9 months, £365

[9 to 13 not shown on the original]


Second Class (comprising 24 Officers )
Scale, £200 to £280, by £10 a year,

John Davis,
Denis Quinn,
Peter F Carroll,
Francis Mangan,
William Doheny,
Richard M. Daly,
William Ryan,
William H. Perrin,
Martin Doyle,
Denis McElligott,
Henry Rogers,
John Farmer,
Timothy Moylan,
John Power,
James T. Hurford,
George Innes,
John Thomson,
George L. O’Keefe,
William George Plunkett,
James Peacocke,
Thomas Hogan,
Benjamin Scott,
John Reeves,

Third Class Officers (comprising 63 Officers)
Scale, £80 to £180, by £7 10s. a year.

Thomas Fallon,
James Cantwell,
Joseph P. McCann,
Thade Scanlan,
Thomas McEntyre 48 Apr. 12 1850 22 years £180
James B Egan,
John Hogan,
John B. B. Yeates,
William Bonis,
Richard Brassington,
Simon H. Irwin,
William Porter,
Thomas A. Elliott,
John Leech,
William J. Morton,
Robert Mayne,
Henry William Hope,
Thomas Beck,
Edward Walker,
William S. O’Brien,
Thomas Boyan,
James Moore,
Edward Finneran,
Thomas . Gaffney,
John Van Treight,
William Brazil,
George J. Iriwn,
George Griffith,
Henry R. McGuinness,
William Campbell,
Henry E. Bolton,
K.C. Massey Barton,
John T. Bleakley,
William T. McCormack,
Thomas Talbot,
Denis Freeman,
Robert Bell, jun,
William G. Irwin,
Daniel Ward,

[41 to 63 not listed]

Thomas Starnes, house porter.







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